•  PID Product Solutions.

PID or Potential Induced Degradation is a problem that occurs on many photovoltaic panels when they are exposed to a negative voltage to ground. The DATALABS-PIDBOX®, product solution can re-generate panels affected with PID and prevent PID from happening. This without affecting the inverters and any loss of yield. The solution is easy to implement and compatible with all inverters and string sizes, it’s the ideal solution for medium and large scale projects.
 Compatible with all inverters and string sizes
 Easy to implement
 The best solution for large scale systems
 Regenerates panels affected with PID

  • PESOS PAIRAN Tracker Replacement Parts and maintenance.

During Pairan’s lifetime as a company, more than 11,000 of their solar trackers were installed worldwide. From 2013, the company went out of business. We developed a private Controller DATALABS-PAIRANBOX® that replaces the original Pairan Controller and a software that transmits every malfunction of PV Parks directly in configurable email addresses.  If you are a former Pairan solar tracker installer, or owner, we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can become a partner to your continued successful investment.